Awlnight Minsk-based producer and beatmaker. Started as a beatmaker for his rap group in 2005. Then went solo in 2009 releasing the album "SpaceTime" on the A-HU-LI Records internet label. Awlnight has had numerous collaborations with musicians from Belarus, Russia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Estonia, Italy, The USA, Japan and Chinese Taipei in his music career. Was named Belarus' Best Beatmaker at the Street Awards Festival in 2012. Took part in festivals c/o pop festival, Moscow Music Week, Tallinn Music Week, BLEND Festival, What's Next in Music? and in MENT Ljubljana. He was also a participant in a number of beatmaker battles in Belarus. When creating his music, Awlnight usually uses two samplers, four synths, two tape cassette decks on which beats are recorded, a pair of turntables and a drum machine. Awlnight is currently a part of Inner Ocean Records, Fuzzoscope and Ezhevika lables of Canada, USA and Belarus respectively.